Thursday, May 15, 2014

Square Zeros #19: Jim Wood (Clouder, Crazy Pills, Dr. Breakfast, Deep Fiend)

When we started Square Zeros, we weren’t sure how excited accomplished musicians would be about digging up their oldest, least-accomplished tracks and offering them up to everyone on the Internet for scrutiny. We get it: it’s a sensitive subject to ask someone for the most vulnerable material in their experience. Some people we approach still take convincing.

But not Jim Wood. Jim’s a drummer whose current projects range pretty widely from psych rock (Clouder) to garage-pop (Crazy Pills) to hip-hop (Dr. Breakfast) — and he's one of the more gregarious guys in the Brooklyn music scene — so perhaps we were naive not to assume that he would be totally game for anything. And sure enough, seemingly minutes after we first unveiled this site, Jim sent us a link to his high school band Deep Fiend.

“This is Square Zeros’ bread and butter, right here.” — Derek Hawkins, on Deep Fiend, “Fortune and Fame”

Teenage drums hammered. Teenage guitar attacked. Teenage vocals shouted — all live into a single microphone hanging off the wall of his parents’ attic. Welcome. To. Square. Zero. “Fortune and Fame” begins, as Jim puts it: “Balls to the wall, ‘Fortune and Fame’: it’s kind of a weird intro thing for a second, and then this just butt-rock riff kicks in.” Uhh, yeah it does. Hell yeah it does.

If “Fortune and Fame” is the sound of any-teenage-rock-band-in-America-since-the-dawn-of-rock-and-roll thundering through an early cut, “The First Time Was the Best” situates us more directly in the early 90s. The purposeful dissonance cut into that otherwise driving riff and the big drums put us squarely in lo-fi Sonic Youth or Archers of Loaf territory. Permission to get nostalgic granted.

Thanks again, Jim, for coming in and sharing Deep Fiend with us. You really couldn’t ask for a nicer dude to spend an afternoon with cracking beers and cracking wise over old, beat-up tapes from the 1990s.

You can catch Dr. Breakfast Thursday, May 15th at Matchless or Saturday, May 17th at Fort Useless,
Clouder at the Hearts Bleed Radio Northside Festival showcase on Saturday, June 14th at Matchless, and Crazy Pills at the Noise Love/HBR day showcase on Sunday, June 15th at Matchless.  We suggest you just crash at Matchless that weekend.

— JM

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