Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Show Listings, Weds-Sun, July 23-27

Square Zeros Show Listings, Wednesday–Sunday, July 23–27

[[WEDNESDAY, July 23:]] Rest up, homeys. You've got a big weekend ahead of you.

[[THURSDAY, July 24:]]

Big Quiet (Stephen Perry, SZ #2 and Marisa Cerio, SZ #12), place their catchy American jangle pop alongside the titanic psychedelic meltdown that is the Space Merchants (Aileen Brophy, SZ #5). Space Merchants plays as their three-piece lineup, the Space Virgins. Why bother with a Square Zeros showcase when you guys do the work for us? w/ Kerbivore, All Forces at Radio Bushwick. 8pm. $7 LINK

Greasy Hearts

Greasy Hearts (Joey Farber, SZ #23) play the home-team hosts to a far-flung King Pizza Records (Seth Applebaum and Greg Hanson, SZ #20) lineup. w/ Sun Voyager (OCNY), Jacques le Coque (CT), BIG HUGE (SINY) at Silent Barn 8pm $7 LINK

[[FRIDAY, July 25:]]

Crazy Pills (Amanda B., SZ #9 and Jim Wood, SZ #19) keep on doing that Pretenders-meets-rockabilly garage pop thing you love, w/ Mindtroll, The Grand Affair, The Roulettes at Muchmore's 8pm $5 LINK

Crazy Pills

SURFING (Win Scarlett, SZ #18) shakes and shimmers for the shoegaze/Slackgaze set at Journalism's EP release, w/ ONWE, Turnip King, Honduras at Palisades 8pm $5 LINK

[[SATURDAY, July 26:]]

Crazy Pills keep on keepin' on, you keep loving it, w/ Adventures of the Silver Spaceman, ONWE, Hippy, Milk Dick, The Doubts at Palmetto Plaza 3pm FREE LINK 

[[SUNDAY, July 27:]]

Win co-hosts one last Slackgaze event for your weekend w/ Show and Smell Recordings at 86 Menahan 3pm FREE LINK

Don't say we didn't warn you. Get out there and see some live music.

— DJH + JM

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