Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Show Listings, Weds–Sun, July 30–August 3

Square Zeros Show Listings, Wednesday–Sunday, July 30–August 3

[[WEDNESDAY, July 30:]] Lay around in your piano bed, because you're too lazy to get up, you lazy shit. THERE'S A WHOLE WORLD OUT THERE, YOU LAZY SHIT.

Okay, yeah, of course I want a piano bed. I get it. Lay low. Big weekend ahead.

[[THURSDAY, July 31:]]

Brooklyn Wildlife (Chris Carr, SZ #22) presents Kink #5, a night of BDSM, burlesque, performance art, and an appearance by Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky w/ DJ Keith Lay, Cornelius Loy, Jenny Wren, Boshia Rae-Jean at Madame X 9pm $7 LINK 

Stonehenge Parnashnakovsky

[[FRIDAY, August 1:]]

Crazy Pills (Amanda B., SZ #9 and Jim Wood, SZ #19) can only sound better after the complete musical implosion that is Sunset Guns (Jon Mann and Derek Hawkins, SZ #10), w/ The Rally, Valved Voice, Wild Bore at Radio Bushwick 8pm $8 LINK

Popgun Booking presents indie rock devotees Dreadful Crows (Stephen Perry, SZ #2 and Aileen Brophy, SZ #5), w/ Galapagos Now!, Sevens at Glasslands 8pm $10 LINK

Dreadful Crows

King Pizza Records "Big Cheese" Greg Hanson (SZ #20) hits drums for Milwaukee boogie-rockin' out-of-towners Ramma Lamma w/ Ma, Sly Moth, OTTO MANN, VAMANOS at Don Pedro 9pm $5 LINK

[[SATURDAY, August 2:]]

For a second night in a row, King Pizza Records presents a showcase with Greg Hanson playing drums with Ramma Lamma, but also The Fucktons (Seth Applebaum, SZ #20) w/ Brian LaRue at Muchmore's 8pm FREE LINK

The Fucktons

[[SUNDAY, August 3:]]

Bitchin Bookings presents The Jeanies (Joey Farber, SZ #23) and a murderer's row of other power-pop acts w/ Gingerlys, Chalk and Numbers, pow-wow! at Union Pool 8pm $7 LINK

Doll Eyes Productions presents the tenth anniverary show of lo-fi indie rockers Paper Fleet (Jon Mann, SZ #10) with a host of bands from a veritable confederation of bordering states and commonwealths w/ d'arcy, Jon Kohen, Tim Hoh, The Vansaders, Mad Anthony at Arlene's Grocery 7pm $8 LINK

Paper Fleet

For a staggering third night in a row, King Pizza Records presents a showcase with a now very exhausted Greg Hanson feebly pawing at his drums with Ramma Lamma and again with Seth Applebaum in Mad Doctors, after which he will curl up inside his bass drum to die w/ Dan Soto & the High Doses (CT), The Neighbors at Palisades 8pm $5 LINK

Q: What do you do when you fall off the horse?
A: You go out to a show and take someone beautiful home to your piano bed.

— DJH + JM

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