Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Square Zeros Show Listings, Weds–Sun, August 6–10 —— —— (plus Monday BONUS SHOW)

Square Zeros Show Listings, Wednesday–Sunday, August 6–10 ——
—— (plus Monday BONUS SHOW)

[[WEDNESDAY, August 6:]] 

Ease into your show weekend with the softer indie pop of Howth (Jeremy Duvall, SZ #17) w/ Caged Animals, Bueno, Parlor Walls at Palisades 8pm $5 LINK


[[THURSDAY, August 7:]]

Money Fire Records throws its summer showcase, which wouldn't be complete without a performance by Brooklyn's most insidious punk trio, Vulture Shit (SZ #25, airing Thursday, August 7) w/ Michael Sincavage (of Low Fat Getting High), The Black Black, Grizzlor, EARWORMS at Trash Bar 8pm $7 LINK

Sunset Guns (Jon Mann and Derek Hawkins, SZ #10) embarrass themselves again at the  SCREAMING at BEARS Farewell Reunion Anniversary show w/ Hounds Basket, The Say-Sos at Don Pedro 9pm FREE LINK

Sunset Guns

[[FRIDAY, August 8:]]

The Space Merchants (Aileen Brophy, SZ #5) bring their polished psychedelic rock to an indie/surf bill w/ Coastgaard, Dentist, Toy Cities at Shea Stadium 8pm $8 LINK

The Space Merchants

[[SATURDAY, August 9:]]

Mad Doctors (Greg Hanson and Seth Applebaum, SZ #20) bring their wild garage rock stage antics to the First Anniversary of the Saturday Revenge show w/ Absolutely Not (Chi.), Rat Hammer (Chi.), Greasy Hearts, Wanted Man (DC), VAMANOS at Don Pedro 8pm $5 LINK

Mad Doctors

In an art/rock and roll co-op, TAB 3 takes over Bermuda Triangle this weekend, featuring — among others — Jeremy Duvall and a veritable murderer's row of musicians, artists, and musician-artists we just haven't had on Square Zeros yet. Including, but not limited to: Kate Mohanty, Duke Taylor (Cold Blinds), AJ Sapala, Mike Crean, James Watson, Dan Crowley, PJ LeVine, Mattson Ogg (Dura) at Bermuda Triangle 8pm $7 LINK

And since we're bucking the show listing trend long enough to pump a local art event, let's point out that your favorite rock and roll couple to meet and fall for each other at an Anal Cunt concert, Sara and Tyler Villard of Bezoar (SZ #24), will be hosting the first anniversary of their local music- and art-inspired vintage store, WORSHIP. Hey, we gotta help them make up the money for that next record somewhere; never let it be said that Square Zeros doesn't support local musicians, businesses, and musician's businesses. 12pm–8pm FREE (of course) w/ refreshments and 10–50% off deals LINK

[[SUNDAY, August 10:]]

The Jeanies (Joey Farber, SZ #23) bring back that classic power-pop sound w/ Party Lights, Mother's Children, The Bamboo Kids at Hank's Saloon 8pm FREE LINK

If you were stupid enough to miss The Space Merchants on Friday (or, more likely, desperately need to see them again), don't worry; they've got you covered w/ Lark's Tongue, Six Acre Lake, Eidetic Seeing at Saint Vitus $10 LINK

[[MONDAY, August 11:]]

Bezoar (SZ #24), with one fell motion of proggy, psychedelic shred, defies all reasonable definition of what a "weekend" entails and refuses to let you stop rocking w/ North (AZ), My America, Thera Roya at Knitting Factory 8pm $10adv/$12dos LINK


Don't ever let anyone tell you what to do with your life. Unless that anyone is us, right now.

— DJH + JM

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