Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Square Zeros Show Listings, Weds–Sun, August 13–17

Square Zeros Show Listings, Wednesday–Sunday, August 13–17

[[WEDNESDAY, August 13:]]

Sometimes Wednesdays can be a real kitten in a kick drum, nahm sayin'?

Well, there aren't any Square Zeros alumni playing on Wednesday, per se, but if we decide to poke our heads out early this week (see what I did there?), we're going to see Charlottesville, VA-turned-Philadelphia, PA indie rockers Left & Right w/ Kal Marks, Sleepies, Washer at Death By Audio 8pm $8 LINK

Left & Right

[[THURSDAY, August 14:]]

Sunset Guns (Jon Mann and Derek Hawkins, SZ #10) return to Don Pedro for the second free Thursday show in a row, this time to take the headlining crown that is rightfully theirs. Rightfully. Theirs. Atop three uproariously shreddy sets w/ Done, The Black Black, Bad Look at Don Pedro 9pm FREE LINK

[[FRIDAY, August 15:]]

Clean Girls (Chris Tracy, SZ #11) helm the heaviest show in Brooklyn, featuring some stellar mid-Atlantic noise-punk contributions w/ Parlor Walls, CP/M (Baltimore, MD), Birth (Defects) (Baltimore, MD) at Gutter 9pm $5 LINK

Clean Girls
Vulture Shit (SZ #25) begins their multi-week Fridays with Vulture Shit series, featuring a blistering lineup of sludge and noise w/ Multicult *Record Release* (Baltimore, MD), Couch Slut, Chamber of Discipline at Cake Shop 8pm $8 LINK

[[SATURDAY, August 16:]]

"Chimes (Winston Scarlett, SZ #18) keep it slack as a mug, bringing their hazy dream rock to a BYOB house party," went the most Bushwick sentence Derek and Jon ever composed,  w/ Cave Cricket, Huge Pupils, The Makeout Club at 255 Jefferson Street, apt. 1L FREE (Donations go to the bands and toward a new community garden)  LINK

[[SUNDAY, August 17:]]

It would appear that the legions of Square Zeros alumni have decided to take pity on you this weekend and give you a rest after Saturday. Celebrate with an enormous blue clam drink and a check for five thousand dollars.

And hey! Before you take off: check out our first-ever Picture Dump, where we bring you photographic evidence that these shows actually occur, and that we're not just phenomenal bullshit artists. LINK

Note: we are phenomenal bullshit artists, we're not just phenomenal bullshit artists. #themoreyouknow

— DJH + JM

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