Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Square Zeros Show Listings, Weds–Sun, August 20–24

Square Zeros Show Listings, Wednesday–Sunday, August 20–24

[[WEDNESDAY, August 20:]]

Take a freestyle nap in preparation for a weekend of rad shows.

[[THURSDAY, August 21:]]

Hearts Bleed Radio (Stephen Perry, SZ #2) presents the first night of their August mini-fest, featuring charming indie jangle pop from Big Quiet (Marisa Cerio, SZ #12) w/ Lost Gloves, Shiloh, Catscan!, Devotional at Don Pedro 9pm $5 LINK

Big Quiet

Slackgaze (Winston Scarlett, SZ #18) presents the first in a two-day showcase to host Richmond, Virginia rockers Heavy Midgets w/ Bodega Bay, Microwave Death, DUH, Dog Underfoot at Muchmore's 7pm $5 (FREE if you bring a Pokemon deck) LINK

"Jack, the plural of Pokemon is Pokemon."

[[FRIDAY, August 22:]]

Surf-psych rockers the Mad Doctors (Seth Applebaum and Greg Hanson, SZ #20) helm a bi-coastal King Pizza Records show w/ OTTO MANN (final show!), 56k, The Chickenhawks, Vicky and the Vengents (CA) at Don Pedro 9pm $5 LINK

Mad Doctors

Vulture Shit (SZ #25) continues their multi-week Fridays with Vulture Shit series, featuring a blistering lineup of sludge and noise w/ Dangers (CA), Wet Witch, Graf Orlock (CA), Holy (Milan), The Curs at 538 Johnson 8pm FREE LINK

Vulture Shit. Photo credit: Walter Wlodarczyk

Hearts Bleed Radio presents the second night of their August mini-fest, starring Stephen Perry's own Dreadful Crows (w/ Aileen Brophy, SZ #5) w/ pow-wow!, Maginot, Shiloh at Legion 8pm $3 (recommended) LINK

Slackgaze presents the second in its two-day showcase hosting Richmond, Virginia rockers Heavy Midgets in the Rockaways at a beach party w/ Water, The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman at Rippers 7pm FREE (with or without a Pokemon deck, seriously, though, bring a Pokemon deck) LINK

Square Zeros would also like to take this moment to wish a very special August 22nd birthday to Jim Campbell of Paper Fleet (SZ #10).

[[SATURDAY, August 23:]]

The Teen Age (Nick Brooks, SZ #17) celebrate Nick's birthday with a set of swinging, reverb-drenched garage rock w/ Donald Cumming (of The Virgins), Born Cages, Rush Midnight at Brooklyn Night Bazaar 8pm FREE  LINK
The Teen Age. Photo credit: David Burlacu.

[[SUNDAY, August 24:]]

And on the seventh day, Square Zeros freestyle rested.


Oh, and while you were out, we dumped more pictures of Greasy Hearts and Rat Hammer (Picture Dump 8.14.2014: LINK) and BAD LOOK, The Black Black, and DONE (Picture Dump 8.19.2014: LINK).

You know, we spoil you.

— DJH + JM

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