Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Square Zeros Show Listings, Weds–Sun, September 3–7

Square Zeros Show Listings, Wednesday–Sunday, September 3–7

[[WEDNESDAY, September 3:]]

Start your weekend early with noisy rockers The Black Black (Jonathan Daily [Season Three debut episode] SZ #26, forthcoming) w/ Molly Thomason, Servant Girl at Knitting Factory 8pm $10 LINK

The Black Black

[[THURSDAY, September 4:]]

Check out the debut of Rules, featuring former members of Corita (pre-Space Merchants Aileen Brophy [SZ #5]) and Sunset Guns. While there aren't any official Square Zeros alumni playing with them — I'm sorry, did you start a music website and start a weekly show listing column to tell people about cool shows that were happening each week? Oh, see, because we did, and we make the rules, and DEAL WITH IT. w/ Early Riser, Onward Chariots (EP release), Buffalo Sex Change, Skateboard Kyle at Cake Shop 8pm $8 LINK

[[FRIDAY, September 5:]]

Vulture Shit (SZ #25) polishes off their Fridays with Vulture Shit series as part of FUCK SCHOOL(WORK)FEST. Fridays with Vulture Shit, we hardly knew ye w/ Bears, Flagland, Gradients (album release) at Shea Stadium 8pm $6 LINK

1.21 Gigawatts presents shiny indie rockers The Teen Age (Nick Brooks, SZ #17) w/ Dead Stars, Eastern Hollows, Loser Cruiser, Scherzo at Palisades 8pm $7 LINK

The Teen Age

And if you're in South Brooklyn, don't miss O.G. Square Zeros supergroup Dreadful Crows (Stephen Perry, SZ #2 and Aileen Brophy, SZ #5) w/ JOUNCE, FingerFingerrr at Union Hall 9pm $8adv/$10dos LINK

[[SATURDAY, September 6:]]

It'll be a taco-fueled rock and roll duel between Crazy Pills (Amanda B., SZ #9 and Jim Wood, SZ #19) and Greasy Hearts (Joey Farber, SZ #23) w/ BIG HUGE, Nancy at Union Pool 8pm $8  LINK

Greasy Hearts

And don't forget the inaugural day of the Brookyln Wildlife Summer Festival 2014, organized by Chris Carr (SZ #22), a twelve-hour event that will feature so much music, art, and performance action that we can't even begin to describe it here at Paper Box 2pm–2am. Check the link for details.

And if you're still in South Brooklyn (or even within Union Hall, or struggling with an existential crisis, or hoping to shake your tailfeather to some sultry dream pop), don't miss The Meaning of Life (Marta DeLeon, SZ #8) w/ Flying Pace (EP release), All Forces, Andrea Wright at Union Hall 8pm $10 LINK

[[SUNDAY, September 7:]]

Stephen Selman (SZ #1) debuts his dynamite new rock and roll project The Big Parade at Big Irv's 8pm LINK

Stephen Selman

Finally, King Pizza hosts new Brooklyn garage pop trio The Rizzos (SZ episode forthcoming), complete with a cassette release by Half Moon rounded out w/ Sirs & Madams, Maginot at Bowery Electric 8pm $8 LINK

The Rizzos

And the latest: pictures of BIG HUGE and Hector's Pets (Picture Dump 9.02.2014: LINK). At Ripperrrrrrrrrs. RIPPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRS.

— DJH + JM

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