Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Square Zeros Show Listings, Weds–Sun, September 17–21

Square Zeros Show Listings, Wednesday–Sunday, September 17–21

[[WEDNESDAY, September 17:]]

Have we interviewed Philly fuzz punks Mumblr? No. Did we contact them to be on ZeroFest? Not directly. But did they wind up on night three of ZeroFest at Shea Stadium on Saturday, October 4 for the better? Yes. Are they Fleeting Youth labelmates of Clouder (Jim Wood, SZ #19)? Yes. Is their music totally rad? Yes.

One of us, one of us, gooble-gobble, gooble-gobble w/ Whitewash (EP release), The Britanys at Knitting Factory 8pm $10 LINK

Mumblr. Photo credit: Michelle Rose NJ

[[THURSDAY, September 18:]]

Crazy Pills (Amanda B., SZ #9 and Jim Wood) and Big Quiet (Marisa Cerio, SZ #12 and Stephen Perry, SZ #2) keep it fun and dancy w/ Literature (Philly), B Boys (first show) at Cake Shop 8pm $10 LINK

Crazy Pills

[[FRIDAY, September 19:]]

Greasy Hearts (Joey Farber, SZ #23) are headlining a night of scuzzy rock n roll hosted by Brooklyn tape (and soon to be record) label King Pizza. KP magnates Seth and Greg (Seth Applebaum and Greg Hanson, SZ #20) will also be sitting in as The Fucktons w/ Sun Voyager, Ice Balloons, Surfbort at Don Pedro 9pm $5 LINK

Greasy Hearts

[[SATURDAY, September 20:]]

Slackgaze (Win Scarlett, SZ #18) sets up the art installation Nola, darling in Chelsea, co-curated by Oculus Art Collaborative, Star Garden Show, and Bodega Bay. Chimes plays in support w/ Bodega Bay, Turnip King, Palm, GHOST PUNCH 5pm $7 (beer sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery) LINK

Win Scarlett, Chimes

[[SUNDAY, September 21:]]

I dunno, you wanna watch football with Jon Mann? We could make that happen.

Bear Down. (I'm angry because we lost, and because I can't feel my toes.)

As you can plainly tell by this week's Picture Dump 9.16.2014: LINK, featuring The Rizzos, Crazy Pills, Greasy Hearts, BIG HUGE and NANCY, he ain't that tough to find. He's around. Get at us, we'll have a beer!

[[UPDATE: 9/17/2014, 3:40pm]]

Sunday, Crazy Pills at Brooklyn Flea Bazaar w/ Marnie Stern(!)(??)(!!!), Cayetana, Motion Studies 3pm FREE!

So, you know, also an option.

— DJH + JM

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