Sunday, November 30, 2014

Square Zeros #31: Michael Sincavage (Low Fat Getting High, Scrambled Porn, The Duck And Bunny Shit Show)

We're not really fans of awards and rankings and official accolades here at Square Zeros. But when the Village Voice — probably the country's most highly regarded alt-weekly — tapped Low Fat Getting High as NYC's best rock band of 2014, we gotta admit, we were pretty damn excited. If you've paid any attention to the Brooklyn independent music scene in the past year, the trio and their unique breed of grunge-tinged noise punk are almost certainly on your radar. And if you've been fortunate enough to catch them live, you know what a powerhouse they are on stage.

Low Fat just dropped their full-length debut on Money Fire Records (which you can pick up here), so we figured the time was right to invite singer and guitarist Michael Sincavage into the studio to give him the Square Zeros treatment. We talked with Michael about growing up in Florida, how he formed the band, recording the new album, and the artistic work he does outside of music (all those awesome album covers are his design). And, of course, he shared some of the songs that long predate Low Fat, including one of his earliest basement punk tracks, a Low Fat prototype called Scrambled Porn, and a truly weird cartoon musical number that you've really got to hear to understand. Check it out:

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Picture Dump, Thanksgiving Edition, 11.27.2014: Mayor Creep, Band Lottery

Dudes: It's been a phenomenal near-year here at Square Zeros, and we're thankful for a lot of people. As if by design, Eddie Nazareno (of pow-wow! and Crazy Pills) and Amanda B. (also of Crazy Pills) threw together an incredible Band Lottery that brought together a ton of those people. Thirty local rockers threw their names into a hat and were selected to form never-before-heard bands together.

We've got some snaps from that show, a handful from Mayor Creep's Reunion Farewell show, and some links to photo and video by outside documentarians of the Band Lottery. Check out Dean Keim's phenomenal photo-set
here, and thanks to Eddie Nazareno for committing this all to video. The video links below are all his doing.

Thanks so much, guys.

The Shows
: Mayor Creep (SZ #17) Reunion Farewell show at Don Pedro
w/ Sunset Guns (Derek Hawkins and Jon Mann, SZ #10), Misdemeanors, Family Circus — Friday, November 21, 2014

Band Lottery at Trash Bar, featuring:
Psych Psweat: Amanda B.
of Crazy Pills (SZ #9) and the one full-time member of The Planes we haven't interviewed, the elusive Jeff Patlingrao
The Hut: Jim Wood
of Clouder and Crazy Pills (SZ #19)

Let's Be Nameless: Marta DeLeon of The Meaning of Life (SZ #8)
Fake Cops (Real Trouble): Nick Brooks
of Mayor Creep (
SZ #17)
Scallops: Jon Mann of Sunset Guns, Paper Fleet and The Jeanies and Josh Park of The Mad Doctors
(SZ #20)

Princesses of Wroth: Brian LaRue
of Shelter Dogs, The Planes, Dialogue From a Silent Film (SZ #30)
— Sunday, November 23, 2014

Depicted below: Misdemeanors, Family Circus, Mayor Creep,
and the many faces of Band Lottery.

— DJH, BW, + JM

Friday, November 21

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Square Zeros Show Listings, Fri–Mon, November 28–December 1

Square Zeros Show Listings, Friday–Monday, November 28–December 1

Tis the season, friends. It is starting. We all take a break, drink beers in the comfort of our homes under the distress of our families, stuff ourselves to the brim with potatoes and potato like products and add an extra layer to our gut that we'll never seem to shake. You know what it is, friends. It's the holidays. They are here. And, show wise, they are coming in with a whisper.

That child is not in a band, nor do we know who she is, but she has the right idea.

Monday, November 24, 2014

In Defense Of: Joe Walsh

This In Defense Of was contributed by Michael Guggino, a Brooklyn-based psych rocker who’s takin’ his time, choosin’ his lines, tryin’ to decide how to get you out of his dreams and into Joe Walsh’s Maserati.

Joe Walsh is the world’s greatest American. Maybe you’ve never said it out loud, but you have definitely felt it if you’ve ever heard “Funk #49” or “Walk Away” by the James Gang. His sound is a Midwestern boogie twang mixed with Detroit-style hard R&B, and if it had a smell, it would be beer and whiskey. The reason I must “defend” the World’s Greatest American is because most people know him as Joe Walsh from the Eagles, and that is an injustice I intend to right in the following paragraphs.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Square Zeros Show Listings, Thurs–Mon, November 20–24

Square Zeros Show Listings, Thursday–Monday, November 20–24

[[Thursday, November 20:]]

One of the best parts of music is not only seeing where artists have come from but where they are going. Nova Luz of The Amputees (Louis Ramos with Nova Luz, SZ #13) takes the stage to kick off the weekend on Thursday with some of her solo work at Goodbye Blue Monday 10:30pm FREE LINK

Nova Luz (Amputees)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Picture Dump 11.18.2014: The Rizzos, Party Lights, BIG HUGE, Jacques Le Coque, Now People, Flowers of Evil, NO ICE, Polyon, Sleep Fleet, Yin Yangs, Hounds Basket

The Shows: The Jeanies (Joey Farber, SZ #23) at Muchmore's w/ BIG HUGE, The Rizzos, Party Lights — Thursday, November 6, 2014

Glassy Eyes vol. 3 presents The Jeanies (again) at Don Pedro w/ Flowers of Evil, Now People, Jacques Le Coque — Friday, November 14, 2014.

Sunset Guns (Derek Hawkins and Jon Mann, SZ #10) at Muchmore's w/ NO ICE, Polyon (Ryan McLaughlin of Typefighter, SZ #7), Hounds Basket, Sleep Fleet, Yin Yangs — Saturday, November 15, 2014.

Depicted below: The Rizzos, Party Lights, BIG HUGE; Jacques Le Coque, Now People, Flowers of Evil; NO ICE, Polyon, Sleep Fleet, Yin Yangs, Hounds Basket.


— DJH, BW, + JM

Thursday, November 6
The Rizzos:

Monday, November 17, 2014

In Defense Of: Bleed American, Jimmy Eat World

This In Defense Of was contributed by Jamie Frey, a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and freelance music journalist who needs this now more than he ever did.

It’s possible that some of you are cringing at the very title of this piece, and I think that the other half of you are feeling a warmth of youthful “sweetness” in your loins just at the mention of the record. I also must preface this defense — as many of you may be thinking or projecting upon me — with this disclaimer: I did not grow up as a devotee of American pop-punk or emo. I never went to the Vans Warped Tour. I was not a teenage obsessive of Jawbreaker, Sunny Day Real Estate, Alkaline Trio, or even Fugazi. I was not seeking out obscure record labels with the punkest punk or the most emotional emo or the indiest indie. I’m not even that familiar with Jimmy Eat World’s earlier three albums, which many will argue are more pure and good than this big hit-filled crossover record. But that is not what I am writing about; I am writing about the populist rock ‘n’ roll that you heard on the radio. I’m talking about Bleed American (or the self-titled Jimmy Eat World for post-9/11 weiners). I’m talking about songs that make young people want to hold hands and kiss.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Square Zeros Show Listings, Weds–Sun, November 12–16

Square Zeros Show Listings, Wednesday–Sunday, November 12–16

[[WEDNESDAY, November 12:]]

Copycat Night presents The Planes (Stephen Perry, SZ #2 and Brian LaRue, SZ #30) as Velvet Underground w/ Electric People, Wonderbug at Otto's Shrunken Head 9pm $5

The Planes

Wednesday not your thing? Well...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

ZeroFest picture dump, Chris Giorgione edition 2

If you've been following Square Zeros the past month, you're probably familiar with the stellar images captured by Chris Giorgione, a Brooklyn-based videographer who does a ton of great work on behalf of local musicians. He shot almost all of ZeroFest last month, and he just dropped off some rad edits from those nights, along with some more pictures of your beautiful faces. Below is the second round of what he got. Stay tuned this week for video from the ZeroFest weekend. Thanks Chris!

RIGHTS: All bands, bookers, and publicists are free to use the photos below, as long as you attribute to Chris Giorgione. If possible, please include this link to his production website:

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Square Zeros Show Listings, Weds–Sun, Nov. 5–9

Square Zeros Show Listings, Wednesday–Sunday, November 5–9

[[WEDNESDAY, November 5:]]

Where did you nurse your Halloween hangover?

We get it. CMJ, Halloween — you're beat. WELL GET IT TOGETHER IT'S TIME TO ROCK.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Picture Dump 11.04.2014, Halloween Edition

Suck it, nerds.
For the last half-decade, tribute shows have been the way to spend your Brooklyn Halloween. Each year, they come earlier. Even though Halloween was on Friday this year, there were tribute shows as early as the previous weekend.

One man said 'Enough's enough,' and went to see George Clinton talk about his new memoir, Brothers Be, Yo Like George, Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard On You? at New York Public Library.

The legend himself, seated.


But then, you know, we all went back to checking out shows.

The Shows: King Pizza Records Halloween show, featuring Mad Doctors (Seth Applebaum and Greg Hanson, SZ #20) and Greasy Hearts (
Joey Farber, SZ #23) at Don Pedro w/ BIG HUGE, St. James and the Apostles, The Gabba Ghouls Friday, October 31, 2014.

Pet Rescue (Brian LaRue SZ #30)) "Rock and Roll Memoirs to Remember", featuring an Operation Ivy tribute (Derek Hawkins and Jon Mann, SZ #10, Jeremy Duvall and Alex Heigl, SZ #17), Dashing Blumpkins (featuring guest vocals by Stephen Perry SZ #2 and Jim Wood SZ #19), and a last-minute throw-together Guided By Voices tribute at Pet Rescue — Saturday, November 1, 2014.

Depicted below: Greasy Hearts, BIG HUGE, The Gabba Ghouls, Dashing Blumpkins.

It's not George Clinton, but enjoy.

— DJH, BW, + JM

Friday, October 31

Greasy Hearts: