Thursday, November 27, 2014

Picture Dump, Thanksgiving Edition, 11.27.2014: Mayor Creep, Band Lottery

Dudes: It's been a phenomenal near-year here at Square Zeros, and we're thankful for a lot of people. As if by design, Eddie Nazareno (of pow-wow! and Crazy Pills) and Amanda B. (also of Crazy Pills) threw together an incredible Band Lottery that brought together a ton of those people. Thirty local rockers threw their names into a hat and were selected to form never-before-heard bands together.

We've got some snaps from that show, a handful from Mayor Creep's Reunion Farewell show, and some links to photo and video by outside documentarians of the Band Lottery. Check out Dean Keim's phenomenal photo-set
here, and thanks to Eddie Nazareno for committing this all to video. The video links below are all his doing.

Thanks so much, guys.

The Shows
: Mayor Creep (SZ #17) Reunion Farewell show at Don Pedro
w/ Sunset Guns (Derek Hawkins and Jon Mann, SZ #10), Misdemeanors, Family Circus — Friday, November 21, 2014

Band Lottery at Trash Bar, featuring:
Psych Psweat: Amanda B.
of Crazy Pills (SZ #9) and the one full-time member of The Planes we haven't interviewed, the elusive Jeff Patlingrao
The Hut: Jim Wood
of Clouder and Crazy Pills (SZ #19)

Let's Be Nameless: Marta DeLeon of The Meaning of Life (SZ #8)
Fake Cops (Real Trouble): Nick Brooks
of Mayor Creep (
SZ #17)
Scallops: Jon Mann of Sunset Guns, Paper Fleet and The Jeanies and Josh Park of The Mad Doctors
(SZ #20)

Princesses of Wroth: Brian LaRue
of Shelter Dogs, The Planes, Dialogue From a Silent Film (SZ #30)
— Sunday, November 23, 2014

Depicted below: Misdemeanors, Family Circus, Mayor Creep,
and the many faces of Band Lottery.

— DJH, BW, + JM

Friday, November 21

Family Circus:

Mayor Creep:

Sunday, November 23
Psych Psweat:

The Hut:

Let's Be Nameless:

Fake Cops Real Trouble:


Princesses of Wroth:

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