Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Square Zeros Show Listings, Weds–Sat, January 7–10

Square Zeros Show Listings, Wednesday–Saturday, January 7–10

Happy 2015, everyone! We're really in it now, and shows are kicking back in after a slightly sleepy holiday break. And's a new year! A new time for shows and bands and songs and, well, we've all had our reflections and made our resolutions, so forget it. Let's just start 2015 right, shall we?

Here's a picture from last week at Human Head to get you back in the showgoing mood. 

[[WEDNESDAY, January 7:]]

Let's kick 2015 into gear with the sweet and not-so-sweet sounds of The Rizzos (SZ episode forthcoming). They're going to play you the songs that make you forget it's Wednesday and think you're in high school. Come hang with them and friends Nuddhist Monks, Ghost Punch at Don Pedro, 8pm, $5 LINK

The Rizzos

[[THURSDAY, January 8:]]

I hate to be the one to break it to everyone, but this weekend is going to rule. Daytime, nighttime, absolute, uncontrolled rockage. Take this Thursday as a mini-break to prep yourself. No SZ shows on the docket.

[[FRIDAY, January 9:]]

Pack your Friday night with Metal, Noise, Hip Hop, Punk and DJs. Brooklyn Wildlife is hosting 12 Days of Art 2015 with Turn Me the Fuck Up 7. One of twelve days of programming through January, TMtFU7 will feature Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky and Friends
(Chris Carr, SZ #22), Sunset Guns (Jon Mann and Derek Hawkins, SZ #10) and The Black Black (Jon Daily, SZ #26) w/ Circadian Clock, Hounds Basket, Parlor Walls, Kala and The Lost Tribe and more. 9pm, $5 LINK

The Black Black

[[SATURDAY, January 10:]]

Shake off your hangover and start the day with brunch, but only if by brunch you mean going to check out The Black Black (again!) playing a day show w/ Dead Wrestlers, Heavy Negatives, The Challenged at ABC No Rio, 3pm, $7–12 sliding scale LINK

Saturday night, get your dark post-punk kicks with a killer lineup featuring Dialogue from a Silent Film (Brian LaRue, SZ #30) w/ Pan, Sol Ardour, Village Psychic, Princess Tiny and the Meats at Bar Matchless, 8pm, $8 LINK

Dialogue from a Silent Film. Photo via Facebook.

Good job, everyone! If you followed this handy little listing guide, then you just had an awesome weekend. Keep it up. Gold star. Now, check out last week's Picture Dump and get ready for next weekend.

— DJH, BW, + JM

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