Thursday, February 5, 2015

Picture Dump: A One-Year Anniversary Recap

Here at Square Zeros, we're celebrating a full year of documenting, participating in, and — we sincerely hope — supporting the music scene in Brooklyn and beyond. 

Though we didn't start dumping pictures on the site until August, we've been actively photographing shows since the site began. Jon Mann, who takes most of the photographs that make it into the Picture Dump, got out to eighty-six shows that he can document (read: triple digits), and we don't always go to the exact same shows as a team every time. Add Derek and Bettina's known show calendar to that, and it gets pretty out of control.

So to commemorate our first year in the business of interviewing musicians, listing shows, publishing articles, and posting pictures, we've dredged the archives for some of our favorite shots from the past year. They're not always perfect, but they document the music we love. We hope you'll enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed getting up in people's faces to take them.

— DJH, BW, + JM

WE'D LIKE TO PROPOSE A TOAST. Crazy Pills, Don Pedro, 9.26.2014

Bad Look, Grand Victory, 1.13.2014
Heavy Birds, Pet Rescue, 3.08.2014
Shark Week, Rock and Roll Hotel (DC), 5.04.2014
Mayor Creep, Grand Victory, 5.27.2014
Shelter Dogs, Don Pedro, 7.25.2014
BIG HUGE, Ripper's, 8.29.2014
Greasy Hearts, Union Pool, 9.06.2014
Mad Doctors, Don Pedro, 12.19.2014
Clean Girls, Gutter, 6.26.2014
iVAMANOS! Don Pedro, 7.27.2014
The Rizzos, Hank's Saloon, 9.12.2014
Adventures of the Silver Spaceman, Baby's All Right, 9.15.2014
Rat Hammer, Don Pedro, 8.09.2014
NANCY, Union Pool, 9.06.2014
ZeroFest 2014: Amputees, Human Head, 10.02.2014
ZeroFest 2014: The Planes, Bermuda Triangle, 10.03.2014
ZeroFest 2014: CHIMES, Shea Stadium, 10.04.2014
ZeroFest 2014: The Meaning of Life, Shea Stadium, 10.04.2014
ZeroFest 2014: Big Quiet, Don Pedro, 10.05.2014
ZeroFest 2014: The Othermen, Don Pedro, 10.05.2014
ZeroFest 2014: Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky, Don Pedro, 10.05.2014
Polyon, Muchmore's, 11.15.2014
Best Behavior, Pianos (Upstairs), 12.31.2014
Screaming at Bears, Don Pedro, 8.07.2014
BIG HUGE, Glasslands, 8.31.2014
Sleep Fleet, Muchmore's, 11.15.2014
Typefighter, Rock and Roll Hotel (DC), 5.04.2014
Bad Look, Cobra Club, 5.10.2014
Hounds Basket, Don Pedro, 8.07.2014
Amputees, Muchmore's, 12.18.2014
The Fucktons, Human Head, 1.01.2015
Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky, Don Pedro, 1.09.2015
GYMSHORTS, Cake Shop, 1.16.2015
Mayor Creep, Gutter, 3.21.2014
BIG HUGE, Don Pedro, 12.19.2014
Kala and the Lost Tribe, Don Pedro, 1.09.2015


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