Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Square Zeros Show Listings, Weds–Sun, February 18–22

Square Zeros Show Listings, Wednesday–Sunday, February 18–22

This is Josh from The Mad Doctors and The Rizzos. He's really excited.

My my, look at that. It's already Wednesday (how?). The sun is shining, and it feels almost balmy out (or at least balmy as compared to the bone chill we've been experiencing, but let's try to put that behind us). 

But enough about the weather! Please, please no more. More about the music. This weekend is stacked (which, clearly, every week seems to be), but that shouldn't stop you from getting off your bum and heading on out to catch something tasty. 

[[WEDNESDAY, February 18:]]

The Meaning of Life (Marta DeLeon, SZ #08), in all their french-fry necklaced glory, are celebrating their EP release, and The Rizzos are on a killer bill to support them. Celebrate Diamonds & Junkfood w/ Painted Zeros, Happy You, DJ Slackgaze at Palisades, 8pm, $5 LINK

The Meaning of Life

Or if you're Manhattan-bound this evening, you're still in luck. Dialogue from a Silent Film (Brian LaRue, SZ #30) is striking out as part of The Jaguar Club's residency tonight w/ LIBEL, All Forces, Dames at Pianos 7pm, $8 LINK

[[THURSDAY, February 19:]]

This weekend, don't stay on your Best Behavior (Alex Gruenberg and Alex Heigl, SZ #17)! ...I'll see myself out w/ Flocke, HIGH WAISTED at Muchmore's, 8pm LINK

Best Behavior

[[FRIDAY, February 20:]]

To officially start the weekend, check out Chimes (Win Scarlett, SZ #18w/ BAMBARA, @bbigpigg, Condvct at Trans Pecos, 7:30pm, $8 LINK

Clean Girls

Or, Clean Girls (Chris Tracy, SZ #11) are back after a too-long hiatus for their first (first?) show of 2015 (we think?) w/ Mystery Channels, The MeltawaysFleabite, WET BRAIN at Kings County Saloon, 8pm LINK

[[SATURDAY, February 21:]]
You guys thought Clouder (Jim Wood, SZ #19) didn't play New York often, because they're all spread out? Well, that's what I thought, too! And we were all wrong! Thank goodness! They're back on Saturday w/ Two Inch Astronaut, New Madrid at Baby's All Right, 11:45 pm, $10 LINK


[[SUNDAY, February 22:]]

There's zero reason not to check out the Slackgaze (Win Scarlett) presents show w/ Urban Shaman, Mowri, Tha YellOw R. KEL, Ki Oni, Asha at Nola, Darling, 6pm, $6 LINK

And have you heard? 

ZeroFest 2: INFERNAL EQUINOX, is heading our way March 5–8, 2015. 
Check out our show preview right here, and get stoked.

— BW

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