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ZeroFest 2: Infernal Equinox — Profile #2: Fri., March 6 @ Nola, Darling

Each Thursday until March 5, Square Zeros will profile one night of ZeroFest 2: Infernal Equinox, our four-day, twenty-plus-band festival running from March 5–8 across Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Performance at Nola, Darling. Photo credit: Rafael Grafals.

The venue: 
Let's face it: 2014 left a lot of musicians and music lovers eulogizing the Brooklyn scene. A number of iconic venues announced that they'd be closing their doors last year, and the list of options for putting on a show — especially in North Brooklyn — took a major hit. But as Death By Audio, 285 Kent, and the rest of them were hosting farewell shows, Win Scarlett (SZ #18), host of the slackgaze project, pushed back against the tide and landed a vibrant new DIY art and music space across the river in Chelsea, of all places.

At 161 W. 22nd Street (at 7th Avenue), Nola, Darling is the new home base for slackgaze's many operations, from artist's residencies and installations to independent research and publishing to DJ sets and rock and roll shows. That creative, experimental attitude toward programming ensures that a trip to Nola is never a boring experience. At Square Zeros, we're longtime fans of Win's curatorial ideas and attitudes toward music and the arts, not to mention his band Chimes, who are playing night four of the festival.

So before you decide to give up the ghost on the whole New York City music scene, remember: it's 2015, and you belong with us at Nola, Darling on Friday, March 6.

The bands:

Well-loved if not yet well-known, Sic Tic has been quietly spreading their catchy, slightly off-kilter rock and roll around Brooklyn for the last six months. A penchant for vocal overlap and harmony gives their music a fullness one might not expect from a trio. Well, here's your head's up.

Sic Tic

Their songs are melodic, rhythmic, and just weird enough to worm their way into your brain.

The Rizzos are everyone who's anyone's favorite band. Since August, they've released four dynamite garage pop singles, opening 2015 with the three-song EP No Parents, No Rules.

The Rizzos

Do and don't let the title fool you: The Rizzos are fun, clever, and they play at bratty, but there's a yearning at the heart of their best songs that rewards repeat listening. And, of course, they're absolute darlings, and we love them.

The Big Parade (Stephen Selman, SZ #01) has been keeping busy since their dynamite showing at ZeroFest in October. Their beautifully thought-out and crafted rock and roll continues to evolve: they had a new record at ZeroFest 1, and they've got what amounts to an entire new album in the can for ZeroFest 2.

The Big Parade

Honestly, there's no telling where they are now. You're just going to have to put your faith in Stephen's immaculate songwriting and get there in time to see them play DEAL WITH IT

Alright alright, things are about to get gnarly. We've pitched you guys some nice, god-fearing bands to start your night off right, but three-man psych-surf party crew The Mad Doctors (Seth Applebaum and Greg Hanson, SZ #20) just slammed on the gas.

The Mad Doctors

Josh, Seth, and Greg are taking our sweet, unassuming show and using it as their tour kickoff as they cross the great United States to ruin South By Southwest. If you don't see them here, it's gonna be a while, and you're gonna feel like a dummy. Don't be that guy.

Simply put, The Yin Yangs get better every single time we see them, and they play all the time. They take good shows, and then they take over those good shows. They ended 2014 with an awesome video. They just put out a tape, and it's fantastic. Seriously: it's becoming increasingly clear that the sky's the limit for these dudes.

The Yin Yangs

Part stoner psych, part Kinky Wizards, all shred. If you haven't seen them yet, that's on you.

And closing out an already tremendous night two, we have your very own Crazy Pills (Amanda B., SZ #09 and Jim Wood, SZ #19). Gaze upon these great pictures Pretext Social Club snapped at their ZeroFest set in October and cower. GAZE AND COWER.

Crazy Pills

More accurately, you're gonna shimmy and shake. They're chameleons of a sort: you put them on a dream pop bill, they're sweet and atmospheric. You put them on a punk bill, they're brash and sneering. But ultimately, Crazy Pills are a heady blast of jangling, no-nonsense garage pop energy, and they're going to take you for every last drop of sweat you've got to end night two. 

The rundown:
ZeroFest 2: Infernal Equinox NIGHT TWO!
Friday, March 6th at Nola, Darling, 161 W. 22nd St.
Sic TicThe RizzosThe Big ParadeThe Mad DoctorsThe Yin YangsCrazy Pills
8pm–1am, all-ages, $7

And stay tuned next Thursday, when we take this ship back to Brooklyn to tell you guys all about Williamsburg DIY's best-kept secret, Big Irv's. Thanks, guys.

— DJH, BW, + JM

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