Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Square Zeros Show Listings, Weds–Sun, March 11-15

Square Zeros Show Listings, Wednesday–Sunday, March 11-15

Jon liked ZeroFest 2. Jon likes sun and rock and roll. Photo by Seth Applebaum.

If you're like me, then you saw a big ol' butt-ton (that's an exact measurement) of bands last weekend, and it KICKED YOUR ASS. Like, maybe you still have the sniffles and a wee bit of the tinnitus. And what do I have to say to that? YOU HAD 4 DAYS. PUT YOUR PARTY PANTS ON. The sun is beating you to all the fun. Don't let it beat you! Join in on the party! Here's where you can kick it this weekend...

[[WEDNESDAY, March 11:]]

Brooklyn Wildlife (Chris Carr, SZ #22) has been hosting shows for weeks at Paper Box, and tonight and tomorrow are no exception. Check out some of the amazing artists they're presenting tonight and through the end of the month. This week, it's Jam Night on Wednesday (LINK), and tomorrow is an Indiephiles artist showcase (LINK). When Chris Carr's running the show, you can't go wrong at Paper Box, 9pm, prices vary. LINK

Wednesday is a night of happenings. Another one is going to take place under the guise of drinking whiskey, but, really, it's art. Really. Put together by the unstoppable Jamie Frey (SZ episode forthcoming), come see art, music, writing, anything you could really love play together in one night at Freddy's Bar, 8pm. LINK

[[THURSDAY, March 12:]]

After keeping quiet for a moment there, power pop honies The Jeanies (Joey Farber, SZ #23) are back in action w/ HIGH WAISTED, HARD NIPS and Weird Womb at Shea Stadium, 8:30pm LINK

This week, we're feeling grateful for everything that fell our way for ZeroFest 2. While she hasn't had a chance to come onto the show yet to tell us about her high school band The Rhythm Methodists of New York — go ahead, read that name again, we'll wait — Lani was instrumental in setting up Sunday's matinee at Silent Barn, and her band ADVAETA is kicking off their SXSW-seeking tour there Thursday night w/ Beech Creeps, Dan Friel, Lutkie. 8pm, $8 LINK. Thanks again, homegirl.

[[FRIDAY, March 13:]]

Speaking of ZeroFest 2, our friends Yin Yangs deserve at the very least a one-time inclusion on our Show Listings for their performance at Nola, Darling last weekend. They killed it at ZeroFest — like, we're still pretty much pulps of half-human on the floor. They melted us. They destroyed us. We gave them all our love, and it was much too much in the best way, and all we can do is give them more. This Friday night is your turn w/ Sharkmuffin, Dead Start, Pink Mexico at Shea Stadium, 8pm, $8 LINK

Yin Yangs

[[SATURDAY, March 14:]]
Union Pool is gonna be the SPOT on Saturday night when The Brooklyn What (Jamie Frey) take to the stage. This may be one of the last nights you can head to Union Pool without it being completely crowded out back, and we'll just go ahead and call that a blessing and a curse. What, I like space, ok? w/ Lace Curtains, Oxenfree, Nail Polish, Union Pool, 8pm, $8 LINK

If you seem to remember, we're completely obsessed with the lyrical energy and complete mastery that Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky (Chris Carr) brings to the stage. If you missed him last Sunday, you haven't missed out. He'll be at The Paper Box this Saturday along with a completely stacked bill of artists. Paper Box, 9pm, $5 early, $10 late LINK

[[SUNDAY, March 15:]]

The Rizzos can't stop and won't stop. They're partying on that good ol' Don Pedro stage. Check it out. w/ The Lopez, Luxury Condos and Spacer. LINK

The Rizzos

— BW

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