Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Square Zeros Show Listings, Wednesday–Saturday, April 15–18

Square Zeros Show Listings, Wednesday–Saturday, April 15–18

This is Greg Hanson with a face that says "Come on, go to all the shows, babycakes."

Greg Hanson here, not Bettina. That's right, this is a guest intro from King Pizza's own Big Cheese, Greg Hanson. Well, that part was actually Bettina but this is really The Big Cheese. Whattaguy. We have a week of shows to smoke banana peels and roll hard, babycakes! Strap into your jet pack booster seat and grab a slice, wink at the heavens and, most importantly, melt your stupid face off.

Ok, back to Bettina for all the boooooring (awesome) details...

[[WEDNESDAY, April 15:]]

Brooklyn Wildlife is offering its latest installment of the Indiephiles Monthly Showcase, featuring Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky (Chris Carr, SZ #22). Come out and meet and see some incredible artists. The Paper Box, 8pm LINK 

Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky

Or, you can head on over and catch Taxi and the Taxmen (Mario Viele, SZ #6) at their first, impromptu show w/ The Marshmallows, Benji Cossa, Hiccup at The Acheron, 8pm LINK

[[FRIDAY, April 16:]]

You can do this one from the comfort of your own home! Our friends Paper Fleet (Jon Mann, SZ #10are gonna be playing on the radio! On the airwaves! Straight from a location where you are not and into your ears! Check them out! WRIR 97.3FM, 7pm LINK 

After you pregame with the radio station, get yourself on over to Space Merchants (Aileen Brophy, SZ #5). Not only will you hear some great music, but rumor (Facebook) has it that there are going to be some experimental films w/ Quitty and The Don'ts, The Jay Vons at The Gutter, 8pm, $6 LINK

You can also head on down to Don Pedro for The Black Black (Jon Daily, SZ #26). There will be music and tacos and happy hour until 9(!) w/ Wharton Tiers Ensemble, Malatese, Slang King. Don Pedro, 8pm, FREE LINK

Sun Voyager

Continuing the theme of music with visuals, Haybaby (Jeremy Duvall, SZ #17) is playing this weekend along with visual music by WOLFSHIRT w/ Eula, Dead Waves, Earl Boykins, Luxury Condos at Shea Stadium, 8pm, $8 LINK

Or, if Manhattan and loud is your thing, you can get both Vulture Shit (SZ #25) and GYMSHORTS (SZ #27) at the same time! Well, not the same exact time, but on the same bill. You know how this all works. w/ Big Huge, Big Neck Police. 8pm, $7 LINK

ONE MORE! Guys, Friday night is going to be hard. You better learn how to clone yourself now because Sun Voyager (Stefan Mersch and Carlos Francisco, SZ #32) are hitting the stage w/ Vamanos, Greasy Hearts and The Tye Trybe. Bohemian Grove, 8:30pm, FREE LINK

[[SATURDAY, April 17:]]

New to the Square Zeros family, it's The Brooklyn What (Jamie Frey, SZ #33), who will be shredding w/ The Everymen, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires at The Knitting Factory, 6:30pm, $10 LINK

The Meaning of Life. Photo via Facebook.

Or, if you can get invited, there's a birthday celebration! The Meaning of Life (Marta DeLeon, SZ #8) are ready to celebrate w/ Secret Crush, Water, Dumb Wolves at Barranquilla, 7:30pm LINK

Get your party pants on. One foot at a time, just like any other pair, assuming ALL YOUR PANTS ARE PARTY PANTS.

Before you head out for your weekend of rock, don't forget to give a listen to our latest episode, with Jamie Frey.

Good job, team.

— BW


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