Jon Mann (L) and Derek Hawkins (R)
Square Zeros is a podcast and blog about musicians and their origins. We talk to musicians we love about their earliest recordings. More often than not, that means their high school bands. Everyone starts somewhere — we love it.

In Defense Of is a call to take a second listen and form a second opinion of the typically dismissed and the flat-out loathed. It's an old adage that music writers love the underdog, but how often does that risk-taking really extend into music journalism? What happens when a terrible but popular band creates something with actual artistic merit?

Know Your Record Store is a celebration, in this age of Internet music, of the human beings who make record shopping more than just a transaction. We visit your local record store for a short interview with the person behind the counter.

Picture Dump is a recognition that perhaps the most important part of supporting local bands is physically being in a venue and getting involved with the music you love. When you can't, we're there for you, creating an image archive of the scene around us.
Broadcasting from Brooklyn, listening everywhere.

Derek Hawkins grew up in northern Virginia with a black Fender Squier and the fervent belief that he could single-handedly recreate D.C. hardcore's "Revolution Summer" from a basement in the suburbs. Snottier and less righteous now, he's jealous of anyone fortunate enough to have gotten into The Stooges as a teenager. 

Jon Mann hails from the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia, where high school bands mate for life. A sucker for fist-in-the-air rhetoric who's tolerant of embarrassing levels of earnestness, he lacks even the most basic defenses against high school music. He routinely gives mediocre music a pass, provided it rocks. He plays guitar with Paper Fleet and Sunset Guns

Bettina Katie Warshaw will tell you that she's born and raised New York, but she uses that phrasing loosely, having spent her formative years in the suburbs. She wouldn't be the same if she had grown up anywhere else. Living in a permanent state of nostalgia, some of her favorite memories are of poring over middle school lyric journals and feeling way too cool to be watching her friends play in bands. You can find her behind the scenes at King Pizza Records and hitting drums on stage with The Rizzos.